Spherical Fillers Prove Supremacy

Spherical Fillers Prove Supremacy

Fillers are an important component of paint and coatings, and need to be carefully considered. The filler can play a role in viscosity, settling, opacity, gloss, hardness, color, and chemical and abrasion durability. There is a give and take balance with all these characteristics and the cost of potential fillers.


The Cary Company announces Evonik Territory Expansion

The Cary Company is pleased to announce Evonik’s Inorganic Material Business Line territory expansion with the addition of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Southern Illinois. Evonik’s Inorganic Material Business Line consists of Aerosil fumed silicas, Acematt matting agents, Aeroxide fumed metal oxides and Sipernat precipitated silicas. Industries to benefit from the unit include but are … Continue reading The Cary Company announces Evonik Territory Expansion


Moonshine Glass flake effects pigments

Moonshine effects pigments are borosilicate glass flakes coated with metals and metal oxides. These brilliantly-colored effects pigments vastly outperform conventional effects pigments in plastics, paints, inks, and many other specialty applications. The specifications of Moonshine glass flakes are controlled with extreme precision. Depending on the desired effect, either metals or metal oxides are precipitated on … Continue reading Moonshine Glass flake effects pigments

Glass Bottles

A Clear Choice

For generations, consumers have declared glass as the most trusted and sustainable packaging there is. Being one of the oldest and most iconic materials for packaging, it is remarkable to see the glass trend still today escalating so quickly. Consumers investing in glass packaging experience: Health & environmental advantages Infinite sizes, textures, shapes & colors Economic … Continue reading A Clear Choice


ZNO Makes Solar Boom

The zinc oxide coating, created as a result of research done at the University of Arkansas, has the potential to revolutionize the solar power industry.  This coating enables researchers to set new goals for energy conversion, and has the potential to make the use of solar power energy much more widespread.  Thus far, these engineers … Continue reading ZNO Makes Solar Boom

Chick Paint

Customer Spotlight: Chick Paint

Here at the Cary Company, we are professionals serving professionals. One of those professionals we work closely with is Barbara McMullin, who purchases our quart and half-pint paint cans and benefits from our labeling service for her company, Chick Paint. McMullin founded Chick Paint five years ago and began her partnership with The Cary Company … Continue reading Customer Spotlight: Chick Paint

Glass Flakes

Glassflakes for Coatings

Glassflakes create a protective barrier to surfaces by making it difficult for corrosive gas and liquid particles to reach the substrate. The average path length to the substrate is substantially increased by the tortuous path created by the layering of the Glassflakes. These long and tortuous paths drastically reduce the number of particles that actually … Continue reading Glassflakes for Coatings

tobbaco first

Plain Packaging

Plain Packaging Burning Headlines The latest buzz word and headache of businessmen around the globe is one so simple and seemingly innocent, ‘plain packaging’. Plain packaging regulates the color, content and informative labeling aspects of packaging design for products the government believes to be harmful. The recent legislation decision of the Scottish Government banning appealing … Continue reading Plain Packaging

Bath Scrub

DIY Bath Scrub

We all go through it… the 8 hour work day that just gets your body exhausted.  And when you get home, all you want to do is soak in a tub and RELAX!  Well, I found a perfect solution here at The Cary Company.  We sell this incredible container and lid (Part #67WPSH, #67W8WL) that … Continue reading DIY Bath Scrub

Paint Can Flowers

Perfection is a Paint Can

At the Cary Company, our paint cans are among the most popular products we carry with sizes ranging from ¼ pint to 1 gallon. There are five different types of cans available through the Cary Store which include tin, hybrid, clear plastic, all plastic, and clear art-style. We offer three different types of liners for … Continue reading Perfection is a Paint Can